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As per the local law, landlord/ owner is required to ensure all required maintenance is carried out at regular intervals. However, if it is proven that any maintenance is required due to misuse of the property, then the tenant will be responsible for arranging relevant repair works.
During the lease tenure, the tenant is responsible for taking care of all utility bills like water, gas, or electricity.

We generally resolve non-payment in three stages.
A) Sending a notice directly from company.
B) Sending legal notice through our empanelled lawyer.
C) Registration of a legal case. If the tenant reverts at any stage to settle the pending dues and resolve the issue, we halt the process immediately.

In such cases, our maintenance team visits the asset/ property along with someone from the Property Management department to ascertain which party caused the damage. Once the issue is ascertained then accordingly, a meeting is called for with all relevant stakeholders including Land Lord and Tenant.
Yes, payments can be made through direct bank/ internet transfer to our designated accounts.
Our payment terms are dynamic; however, we generally obtain cheques for the entire lease tenure.
As per the local law, the rent cannot be increased or decreased during the tenure of a registered contract.
Our maintenance team can be reached on
On a general note, the landlord/ owner is required to pay the annual tax; however, it can be revised according to specific situations.
Our maintenance team conducts a general visit of the unit/ property to determine the cost that will be borne to ensure the unit is in a suitable condition to be leased again. Accordingly, the tenant is charged at the end of the lease tenure if there has been any misuse of the property during the term of the tenure.


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